As directeur sportif of Team Chop I am delighted to announce that our team now has UCI* Pro team status and is making its debut professional appearance in the 2015 Tour De France. Our Grand depart is the 2nd July from Uzrecht, holland. Follow Team Chops experiences as we begin the quest for Paris!

Here you can find everything you need to know about Team Chop and the 2015 Tour De France. Follow my daily Chopper training on my blog or track my miles on Strava! The count down to next July has already begun...

Dave - Team chop
Directeur sportif, super domestique, mountain goat.

*Union Chopper Internationale




Click the link below to see how my 2015 training is coming along as I work towards my ultimate challenge.



It's NOT about the bike

When I read the Velominati 'rule book' about cycling I tore it up. My coaching ethos is rightly centred on helping an individual to reach their maximum potential on a bike. But this is the point, it can be any bike to me. It doesn't matter. I'm not a bike snob. I see as much potential in a 1980's kids bike as a De Rosa Protos. I respect the human on it, not the machine its powering.

 "With out me the bike is NOTHING"

With correct training and nutrition, focus and dedication you can achieve spectacular feats on a bike, irregardless of its weight, size or handling ability.

 "It's all about the engine size and horsepower"

People told me the chopper can't climb mountains. It did. People told me it can't descend at speed. It did. I got told I can't do the Etape Du Tour on a chopper. I did. I get told I can't do the Tour De France on a chopper. I WILL.

The Rules of Cycling (According to Team Chop)

Rule #1 - Respect your body over the bike. Are your arteries as clean and smooth as your frame is? No.

Rule #2 - It's YOU that needs to change, not the bike.

Rule #3 - The British use MPH. Always have. Always will. 10, 25, 50 and 100 TT's are here to stay!

Rule #4 - It's NOT about the bike.

Rule #5 - Always respect the ability of the rider over the bike. Team chop doesn't do cycle snobbery.


Whist I was in the Majorcan mountains in 2014 I remember meeting an ex-service woman who was in the British Para-olympic team. I was amazed that she had just hand cycled up one of the biggest mountains in Majorca and she still had 40 miles to get back to camp. For her, it was just another day in her training camp. To me, I just thought wow. I will always remember her focus and pure stubbornness that allowed her to climb a 6 mile long mountain with her arms alone. When I'm in a dark place on my 6th consecutive mountain stage I hope to remember our encounter and display the sheer single mindlessness that she demonstrated.

If I could use this project to help fund specially adapted sporting equipment, like this lady was using, then this would make my Tour De France chopper ride so much more meaningful. The resounding success of the Invictus games shows just how much the general public, like me, are inspired by the achievements and pure physical feats of those taking part. To donate to this fantastic cause please follow the link below.

I really enjoy reading your messages of support, it makes your donation so much more personal to me. Thank you for taking the time to donate and your kind generosity.



Tour de France 2015

TDFLogo 2015 is the 102nd Tour De France, covering a grand total of 2078 miles over 21 unique stages. The grand depart comes in the form of a prologue time trial, starting from Utrecht in Holland. There are two time trials in total, the other being a team time trial in Plumelec. Unlike previous years the Tour is visiting the Pyrenees first, then onto the Alps. Also different this year is the fact that the tour is cycling between the two mountain ranges, via the 'mini-massif' (This means some very lumpy and bumpy long transitional stages!). In total there are 7 mountain top finishes, with the final day in the mountains finishing on Alp D'huez. This is also the final day before Paris (meaning a long over night drive!).

Due to a host of logistical factors, I will be setting off from Utrecht two days before the Tour does. My grand depart date will therefore be Thursday 2nd July. I will still be completing the Tour over 21 stages in exactly as many days as the pro's do. Each time trial, each mountain will be done the same.

I will be using a motorhome for the 3 week journey, kindly relying on my support driver (Jonathan) for essential day to day support and back up. Where possible I will be following the tour route as closely as I can, but where the tour follows major main roads (or indeed motorways) I will be opting to take quieter roads. If anything, this means more distance covered not less. I'm hoping to join forces with some of the local cycling clubs in Belgium and holland so I can receive some navigational assistance over the first few cobble related stages! For stages 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 I will be accompanied by my sponsors and friends Simon, Gary and Sean. They will be riding with me during the Alpine mountain stages. Without my sponsors help and generous aid none of this project would exist. For this I am eternally grateful.

Our Sponsors




An extra special mention goes to Formby Cycles.
They have been a great help as I prepare for the challenge ahead.

Please visit their website at www.formbycycles.co.uk

News & Updates 2014

If you want to see what Ive been up to, how I aim to be succeed in my challenge and updates on my training regime in preparation for the Tour de France 2015 on a Raleigh Chopper then click the link below to visit my news page.


We've a killer team at the helm

... and here's our setup

  • Mark 3 chopper
  • Single chain ring (41 teeth)
  • Aluminium alloy frame (15.9kg)
  • 8 speed Sturmey-Archer hub
  • Original chopper tyres (max 4 bar pressure)
  • Lengthened steel seat post 
  • Pointless tennis balls (x2)
  • Reflective spokey dokeys (x 38)
  • Original rusty horn (x1)


We eat carbon bikes for breakfast. We burp power. We are Team Chop.

David Sims
Lead Cyclist
Sports Masseur
Bus Driver, Chef, Psychologist



My performance coach is the cycle coaching company behind the genesis of Team Chop and the 2015 Tour De France project. We're not crazy. We're just passionate about developing the engine size of the cyclists we train, it's our coaching ethos.

"It's all about the engine size and horsepower "

For most cyclists, having an analytical look at how they spend their time training and what they eat can give surprising improvements in strength & power, leading to fantastic performance gains. Suffice to say, as a performance coach I'm going to be biased towards investing in yourself over the bike. It's not that we don't like bikes, course we do. It's just that we want to show the cycling world that you don't need to spend £1000's to get that improvement your seeking. In fact the entire Team Chop project was borne out of a simple set of guiding principles that we teach our riders:


  • Train on a heavy bike.
  • Ride your bike, lots.
  • Head for the hills.
  • Recover (well).
  • Attain the right body weight.

"Eat, sleep, chop, repeat"

Our Team Chop land speed record

Check out our film showing us reaching speeds of 39mph on our Chopper. We are quite sure that speeds of this nature have never been recorded on such a mode of transport before. Proof if ever you wanted it, that it's not about the bike, but what you have to power it!

There's no doubt, we're in it to win it.

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